Cuban Beats All Stars is a creative project founded 2012 by Vladimir Núñez , DJ Tillo and including four other acknowledged artists who have also devoted their lives to music: Nelson Palacios, Roemer Toledano Pinatel, Jesus Molina (DJ CAUTION), and Jarol Driggs López (Jarol MC).

Their music is innovative and departs from the mainstream to blaze new trails. They combine their virtuosity and musical experience to forge an inspiring experience able to fill any stage on the planet with freshness and harmony.

The members of Cuban Beats All Stars songs take Cuban music to a new level, skillfully blending traditional elements with urban, electronic and tribal sounds and lyrics that cover a wide variety of topics including social criticism, personal experiences, partying and the joy of living. In short, this project is a musical fusion in which the artists successfully combine traditional Cuban music with hip-hop and avant-garde electronic styles.