Nelson Palacios

began learning the piano at the age of four, started violin lessons in Guanabacoa when he was eight, and joined “Los Aragoncitos”, an orchestra consisting of child prodigies, at the tender age of 10. By the time he was 17, he belonged to the prestigious band “Melodía del 40”, becoming its leader a year later. When he was 20 he formed his own group, “Mecánica del Sabor”, in which he experimented with yet another new instrument: the contrabass.

Nelson has worked with many artists, including Carlos Maza, Víctor Lazlo, Raúl Paz, Orishas, Tres Coronas, Paris Salsa All Stars, and Toure Kunda. He has been composing since a young age; many of his works have been recorded and now form part of the repertoire of numerous Cuban groups.

He has lived in Paris since 2001, playing with an impressive list of formations including Solside, Nelson Palacios y Su Reparto Changüí, and Nelson Palacios y Su Cosa Loca, in addition to collaborating with innumerable other artists of the Paris music scene.

Nelson is a charismatic and giving artist who knows how to delight us every time he’s on stage. His immense talent for improvisation and his rapport with the audience result in a real celebration and party atmosphere that only he is capable of offering. One of the best Cuban musicians now living in France, his repertoire is based on the “changüí” and Cuban son.